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Return policy/info
Here are the Handpipes I've been
making lately.
Tap any image to see a larger view.
I've shown 2 pipes in each pic,
so you can see the consistency
of my work, and how each pipe
can vary in size/shape/design.
I only ship quality pieces.
No tiny bowls/bowl holes, thin
walls, etc/
Everything on this page is made to order,
so the piece you receive might be a little 
different than the ones in the pictures.
Feel free to include a note when
sending payment if you want a certain color, size, etc. I'll try to make it to your liking.
Shipping is $3.00 for all handpipes.
Marble hammers and large handpipes 
may be $5.00 if I have to use a larger 
WV Pipe
Avg. size/thickness. Inside out pattern
w/WV on the front.
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Steelers Pipe
Avg. size/thickness. Inside out pattern
w/STEELERS written across stem.
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Old flowers
New flowers
New improved flowers, same price.
Include a note with your payment, 
with what color flowers you want. If there is no note, I'll pick one. 
Flower and vine pipe
Silver fume inside with
3 flowers on vine on the surface.
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Red/White/Blue U.S flag pipe
Inside out red, white, and blue.
Stripes with a flag murrine on the
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Deer Pipe
Cobalt blue pipe with a
sculpted deer on the surface.
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Skull pipe
Inside out gold/silver fume with
ruby, and a metallic shine skull.
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Wu Tang pipe
Inside out black and yellow wig wag
pattern with wu tang Murrine
on the front.
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Eye window pipe
Cobalt blue pipe with a thick
multi color inside out disc flip
on the end.
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Tree scene pipe
Inside out silver fume with
tree, grass, mushrooms, sun, and
clouds. Will have the new amanita 
mushroom unless the blue mushroom
is requested in the notes section
when payment is made.
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New mushroom murrine. You can request
one with the blue mushroom by including a 
note when you make your payment
Night time tree scene
Cobalt blue pipe, with sculpted
tree, mushrooms, moon and stars.
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Sugar skull pipe
Inside out silver fume and black
twist, flattened, with sculpted sugar
skull on the surface.
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Wu Tang w/ODB portrait pipe
Yellow and black surface wig wag
pattern with Wu Tang murrine,
and ODB portrait murrine.
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Space Scene Handpipe
Cobalt with star pattern, saturn and UFO murrine.
Carb on the end.
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Space scene marble hammer
Inside out gold and silver fumed wig-wag
handpipe with a solid space scene marble
fused to the bowl.
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