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Here are some unique/heady pieces I have right now. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that I probably will never make another of. The photos are of the exact piece you will receive.
When I have sold pieces like these in stores, they normally double the price, so I am glad to be able to sell these direct at the wholesale price.
Shipping for items on this page is $10.00.
Montage bub
This bubbler is a montage piece, made up of 15 different sections I made while experimenting with the color caramel. Each window was a flat solid disc that I then pieced together, melted down, and blew out, to create the bubbler.
About 2 days work went into the making of this piece. Nice heavy thickness over the entire piece.
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Rainbow fire tube
I discovered this combination of colors recently that when mixed together create this rainbow fire effect. I wrapped a clear tube with the colors, then after heating the entire tube length to molten I smeared the colors together with a molten clear glass rod.
To prep all the colors, tubes, make the bowl, and the female joint took about a day. Then to create the main body and piece everything together was about another day.
The downstem has 4 holes in it, for a good bubbling action and less chance of water shooting up the tube when the bowl is pulled.
The handmade female joint is 14mm, and will fit with any 14mm ground joint accessories.
Good balance, so not easy to tip. Nice and thick all over.
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Exotic montage bub
This big thick bubbler is a montage of flat disc windows that I made while doing another color experiment. Each window has the same colors, though they all came out a bit different.
I made 18 flat disc windows total, 15 became windows on the bub, and the other 3 I melted down into the marbles on the front.
This piece took way longer than expected. Almost 4 days work total. It's so large and thick that it was hard to handle at the end.
Removable 1/2 inch downstem, with a rubber seal. Seals tight, but not so tight its hard to remove, as long as the rubber is wet first before sliding the glass in or out.
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