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Thanks for visiting our page!

My brother and I have been making glass

 art pipes for about 20 years, and most

 of that time we've sold our glass to

 headshops, who then jack the price up,

 usually double, and sometimes up to 3x

 our wholesale price. 


I'm all for stores making a profit but

 when they are making more per piece

 than I am myself and overcharging the

 customer, well, I think that's a bit



And now with more and more cheap

 imports flooding in, a lot of shops don't

 want to carry quality American made

 glass at all.


So we're cutting out the middlemen with

 this site to bring you quality glass,

 made in the US at lower prices than you

 can find in stores.


 So thanks for visiting, and for

 supporting an American art form!


Click the links above to see the glass we

 have now. And check the info page for

 info about glassblowing terms, and our

 return policy.

I'm always looking for ideas also, so if

 there is something you would like to see

 on the site, I might be able to make it.

 Just send me your idea/suggestion at




I might not reply, but I'll try to

let you know if

 your idea makes it up on the