Pendants/Backpack Baubles/Keychains
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Here are some recent pendant designs I've been making. Each will come with a silk, or hemp cord, but they can be put on a keyring and attached to a purse, backpack or whatever. They should be durable enough to survive with keys, as long as they aren't thrown around too much.
When you send payment, you can add a 
note if you want a certain color or
something, and I'll try to make it to your
specifications if I can.
Shipping $3.00 for pendants.
Explosion Murrine(millie) pendant/keychain
Single large murrine on a small pendant of cobalt blue.
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Mandala Murrine Pendant/Keychain
Single large madnala murrine 
on an amber-purple background.
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Flower droplet
Blue, white, yellow, and green 3d flower inside a clear drop.
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Fire flower pendant
I like these because the colors I use on them always come out a little different each time. 
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Night time tree pendant
Cobalt blue wrapped flat disc pendant with tree stars and crescent moon. There is a blue/white haze around the tree limbs that you can kind of see in the picture.
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Tree pendant
Skyblue wrapped flat disc with a sculpted tree on the front.
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Twin roses pendant
Skyblue wrapped flat disc with 2 sculpted roses.
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Large Wu Tang pendants
The 2 on the right have a sturdier 
keychain loop.
The 2 on the left have a loop 
better for wearing.
When you pay you can add a 
note saying if you want the 
pendant, or keychain loop.
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Clear disc sugar skull pendant
Clear flat disc with a sculpted sugar skull.
Each will have different color patterns on the skull.
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Sugar skull pendant
Sculpted sugar skull pendant. Every one will have different color dot patterns on it.
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Tree scene pendant
Skyblue flat disc with tree scene.
2 butterfly and 1 flower murrines, sun, and clouds.
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Space scene pendant
 Space background, with UFO and saturn 
murrines in the foreground.
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